Quality Control


The ultra-modern production facilities used at Qualitech Group ensure the highest quality standard demanded by its customers. These facilities are supported by precise input data and work schedules tailored to the individual customer’s specifications, and by continuous ongoing quality checks of all features relevant to the particular order.

  • All production stages at Qualitech are specified and monitored in detail.
  • Precise monitoring and inspection data is drafted before the production is began

  • All input materials are thoroughly cross-checked to ensure conformity to the desired specifications
  • Controlled Shaping & heat treatments
  • Determination of all mechanical and technological data relevant to the order
  • Ultrasonic Inspection for internal defects
  • Statistical monitoring of the characteristics data and checking of results, in order to permit systematic elimination of any   deviations

Tests and Objectives

Qualitech Group, is committed to achieve total customer satisfaction by providing timely supply of superior quality product at competitive prices by continual upgration in quality management system. Our quality objectives are:

  • To enhance customer satisfaction index.
  • Addition of atleast two high value customers every year.
  • To maintain minimum 97% production through better process control
  • To achieve 100% timely supply
  • To achieve annual production growth of 600 M.T.

Inline with our quality objectives, following are the tests and tests specifications:

  • M.S. plates tested as per IS-2062/ BS prior to use.
  • Special quality Neoprene Rubber gaskets confirming to IS-3400/BS-2752.
  • Threaded fastners conforming to IS-1363-1367.
  • All the working surfaces are machined and ground finish.
  • Hydraulic tests conducted to required test pressure.


All the materials and products are subject to third party inspection like Engineers India Ltd., New Delhi, R.I.T.E.S., etc.

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