About Us

Our Vision

Qualitech aims to become World's # 1 manufacturer and supplier of its quality products.

Our Company aims to be recognized and respected for the quality of its products, efficiency of

its operations, customer satisfaction and goodwill generated from its products & services.

We strive to provide increasing value to our customer's businesses. We continually try to enhance our capabilities in the following:

  • Our manufacturing technologies.
  • Our Value: Cost Ratios.
  • Value-added customer services
  • Our Product Portfolio Diversity

At Qualitech, we constantly contribute to our customer’s value-chain by providing them quality products at an optimal price/value ratio. Product and Process Innovation coupled with ‘Best-in Class’ management practices enable us to constantly offer our customers better value for their money.

We have built a business on strong values of partnerships, transparency, ethics and fair-play. Relationships with our customers, dealers, associates, suppliers, employees are testimony to our growth together over decades. Many of our customer relationships have been continuous over a decade and we are proud of the continually increasing value we have been able to bring to our customers’ businesses.

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