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Operating since 1976, Qualitech Metal Industries (QMI) started with manufacturing of high quality CI casting products and subsequently started manufacturing of MS Pipes, Joints, Flanges and several other mild steel products for various water supply projects. Our leading combination of competitive prices, product range, expertise & technical mastery has earned QMI an outstanding reputation across the country. All the products we supply match industrial standards and our reputation for outstanding customer satisfaction, high quality finishing & efficient customer service has won us several industry accolades. QMIs product range include all sizes and standards of Mild/Carbon Steel and Ductile Iron pipes, fittings, and joints.

QSS: IT Solutions and Services

Established in 2014, with a core Vendavo team of over 50 members and having worked with customers across the globe; we at QSS are your guaranteed partners in helping you adapt to a rapidly changing business environment. We have the expertise of serving clients across various industries like Chemicals, Hi-Tech, Electronics & Electricals, Manufacturing and more. Over the years, QSS has expanded its services to include various Pricing optimization and CPQ applications, Data Analytics, CRMs and ERPs. Contact us to drive your corporate performance & incorporate the most sophisticated pricing solutions for optimal profit optimization.

QAnC: Handicraft Furniture

Every piece of furniture has a story. We tell it through the development brilliance that we incorporate in the creation of each piece of furniture. Our collaboration of experienced artisans- a small group which specializes in distinctive Mango wood art helps exemplify the stories. We provide high-end custom details that are integrated by adapting our piece to your specific requirement. We have the capability of ' creating art on wood' by creating the design you have in mind. All of our furniture has been handpicked by special designers or clients. We merge creativity and with specially crafted furniture made by hand to create not just a piece of furniture, but art.

QeS: HR services

We believe that the employees are the pillars of a company. The right fit is important not just for the employee, but the employer as well. We have put robust processes to ensure that the employee placed is the right fit for your company and culture. We have built long lasting relationships with our clients and candidates to foster a spirit of partnership to deliver value to each organization we have worked with. Get in touch with us for a service partner that enables your company to exceed your business goals by finding the right team for you.

TMM: Soapstone, Dolomite and Quartzite

Tulsi Mines & Minerals, acquired in 2011, has been a leading supplier of high quality minerals and raw materials such as LimeStone, Soapstone, Dolomite, Iron Ore and Quartzite for the cement mills and ceramic industry in India. The 50.384 hectare mine located in Bhilwara district has high quality Soapstone/talc, Dolomite and Quartzite.

About us

Qualitech is backed by a strong legacy that spans over four decades. We started in 1976 with manufacturing of high quality CI casting products and subsequently started manufacturing of MS Pipes, Joints, Flanges and have grown to handle a group of companies that each focus on different competencies: IT, Hand crafted Furniture & HR services.

Combining the core values along with a revolutionary vision, Qualitech is set out to rise above the rest by providing you the best quality in each competency that we handle. We have gained vast experience and intimate knowledge of working in vastly different and challenging environments and adapting to the clientele needs to product differentiate in everything we do.

We pride ourselves in as being leaders in our field. The remarkable growth of our companies can be attributed to the highly skilled and dedicated team of Managers, engineers, supervisors, skilled artisans and labor forces that encapsulate the company philosophy and values. We have time and again proved that we have the required ability, competence and professional expertise to successfully complete various projects & deliver the best product solution to our clients. Furthermore, the outlook of quality control, high standards and our training of staff members has resulted in successful completion of various projects not just in India but all around the globe as well.

Our companies operate out of a head office in Jodhpur, Rajasthan; together with our offices in Bangalore, Mumbai and USA.

The roadmap to excellence begins here.

Our Journey

Laid the foundation stone of Qualitech by starting QMI for Ferrous and Non Ferrous casting
Started manufacturing of Mild steel / carbon steel products for Water supply projects.
Successful completion and installation of joints and fittings for Rajiv Gandhi Life Canal Project Phase I and Phase II
Diversified into Mining of soapstone/talc
Started supply of DI pipe fittings and joints & manufacturing of DI Double flanged pipes
Diversified into manufacturing of Handicraft furniture and executed first export order.
Initiated automation of manufacturing by installing submerged arc automatic welding plant
Kamal Mehta, Awarded as best Technocrat by Small Industry service institute GOI
Received order to supply of MS joints and fittings of large diameter of 1626 mm for Rajiv Gandhi Life Canal Project Phase I - one of the India’s flagship project in that era
Increased capacity to supply products to all major EPC companies such as L&T across India.
Diversified into IT services specialising in Price and Revenue Optimisation and Data Analytics
Started manufacturing of spiral welded MS pipes QSS opens office in US and Bangalore
Setup of sand blasting and powder coating plant for products of size up to 2 meter

Our Mission

We differentiate ourselves in meeting our clientele objective and strive towards:


Our Vision

To contribute to the growth of businesses and communities through technology and innovation.

Our Values

Commitment to Customers:
Our customers are the lifeline of our business & our most important stakeholder. We develop long lasting relationships that make a positive impact in our customers lives.
We provide outstanding quality products & unparalleled service that delivers premium value to our customers.
Team Member Growth & Happiness:
Our success is not ours alone. We are dependent on the collective intelligence and contribution of all our team members.
We work with trust, honesty and transparency in everything we do.

Leadership Team

Kamal Mehta
Founder and President

Mr. Kamal, an Alumni of NIT Kurukshetra, has 44 years of experience in metal casting and fabrication industry. His focused foresight & strong leadership has helped the company to find a niche in the industry.

Ankit Mehta

Ankit, an Alumni of Warwick Business School, is a veteran of the technology industry with a passion for building and leading great teams. His predilection for adventure and challenges led him to a role where he also counsels innovative startups to succeed.

Prateek Mehta

Prateek comes from a technology background with vast experience and knowledge in Supply chain management. With his expertise, company has brought in strong policies and processes to ensure its smooth operations and timely delivery of its high quality products.

Virendra Bhandari

Mr. VH Bhandari comes with 35+ years of strategy and financial consulting experience in various industries like Pharmaceutical, Education, Steel etc. With multiple leadership roles, his knowledge and experience gives us a guiding path to take important organization decisions and optimize our resources.

Sumit Mehta

A passionate investment banker, who is always eager to savor the best in life on both personal and professional front. Having successfully led several assignments for large groups and ventures to raise debt and equity capital, he brings innovation in building scalable solution.

Our Customers and Partners